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October 10 2013


How To Select A Universal Device Charger

The idea of having universal charger to power up everything you have batteries for has created a rivalry between leading manufacturers of gadgets. Universally applicable products are supposed to save you extra trouble and space, but they also have flaws you need to be aware of. Before you toss your good old factory chargers in the designated receptacle, see if the omni-tool you just purchased on the internet is doing everything mentioned in the manual. 

Based on product reviews, universal charges are compact, cheap and easy to use. The low end product line offer items for as low as $8, sometimes including shipping and handling fees. All you need to do is try it out for few days at least and have the luxury of giving up on using the good old 30 day money back claim, which normally, should always be your last resort after placing an order online. 

Charging your cell phone, laptop or PDA with one device only definitely saves you trouble, especially if you are often times out of town. Some smart models allow you to test the polarity of your battery before use so that you save yourself the trouble of looking as your hardware undergoes a short circuit. Get one of those and you have a cell phone battery charger as well as the laptop cable at the same time.

Your laptop is hundred times the price of the charger, so there is no need to risk your precious digital toy with something you bought from online shop in Hong Kong. Be careful and read what the charger does - not all of them has this invaluable feature. This is very important since putting the batteries in the wrong way can result in total destruction. 

What you don’t know about cheap universal charges is that they also come with instructions poorly translated in English. They are perfect for what they are intended for, especially for their price, but you might have a nightmare trying to figure out the confusing guides and manual attached. 

If you really prefer the cheapest of choices, be ready to brush up your Engrish. Merchants who prefer selling items by the bulk naturally lack the time and money to properly translate original instructions from, otherwise vastly spoken, Chinese language.


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